Charter class

11   /   18   /   2012


#02 Thanh "Hymn" Nguyen

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Major: International Studies (Human Rights)

Minor: Global Health

Big Sister: Dieu "Eden" Nguyen

#03 Jasmine "Reventón" Li

Ethnicity: Chinese

Major: Accounting

Big Sister: Christine "Eclipse" Diep

#04 Vanessa "panaXea" Au

Ethnicity: Cantonese Chinese

Major: Health & Human Physiology (BS)

            Epidermiology (MS)

Big Sister: Chee Ia "I.M.P.A.C.T." Yang

#05 Miller "vibrance" Thammavongsa

Ethnicity: Laotian

Major: Biochemistry and Pre-Pharmacy with a Certificate in Sustainability

Big Sister: Ashley "Cadence" Dong

#06 Priscilla "Roux" Boachie

Ethnicity: African-American / Ghanian

Major: Health & Human Physiology and Respiratory                Therapy

Big Sister: Linh "Artistry" Huynh

#07 Serena "éternaL" Zhang

Ethnicity: Chinese

Major: Communication Studies

Big Sister: Huyen "Alanna" Le

#08 Lisa "Empress" Thai

Ethnicity: Cantonese Chinese

Major: International Studies (BS)

           Finance (BBA)

Big Sister: Chee Ia "I.M.P.A.C.T." Yang


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Iowa Memorial Union

125 N. Madison St.

Iowa City, IA 52242

RECRUITMENT CHAIR: Amiiee Keomanivong & Winter Smith 

Amiiee Keomanivong - (319) 217-8664

Winter Smith - (563) 528-4582


Xi Chapter Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.

Last Updated: Aug 2020

"Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian-Awareness, empowers women leaders through its values-based programs, and forges Everlasting Sisterhood through diverse shared experiences."